About Us

About Us

Matteson Youth Athletic Association (MYAA)

MYAA Established– 2002


League – Northern Illinois United Youth Football League

Competitive Positioning – What sets MYAA apart?


·        Certified coaching staff

·        Name recognition, Matteson Bears

·        Academic Accountability Program

·        Partnership with the Village of Matteson (facilities)

·        Integrity of the coaching staff and board members

·        Our fundamental core values


o       Encouraging respect for authority, self and others

o       Fostering self-esteem and a healthy self-image

o       Building self-confidence and self-discipline

o       Promoting achievement in the classroom and on the field – we believe in student athletes

Cheer Program




1.      Bring more credibility and respect to the MYAA Cheer Program



Increase safety awareness amongst all MYAA cheer coaches

through on-going safety training, including CPR/AED


Ensure all MYAA cheer coaches are certified


Create a MYAA cheer philosophy which will create more

consistency at all levels


Provide more conditioning and tumbling clinics which will enhance

the performance of the student athlete



2.       Each student athlete will participate fully in the MYAA Academic Accountability Program

Mindful of both our role and responsibility as a MYAA member, we respect each student athlete as a unique individual. Through an active presence in the student athlete’s life, we can help them achieve their fullest potential.



Football Program



1.      To provide a winning football program that will teach our student athletes the fundamentals of football.




The development of coaches through USA Football certification and on-going training


Creating uniformity at all levels within the program by developing  an offensive and defensive philosophy


Ensure all coaches are certified in CPR/AED


Have coaches attend two clinics prior to the start of training camp


Ensure all coaches complete a background check


2.      To teach our student athletes critical life skills through the game of football which will help them become modeled citizens




During the season, each student athlete will be required to do at least two hours of community service


Buddy System -Each varsity and junior varsity player would be responsible for mentoring a widget and pee wee player


3.      Develop MYAA Academic Accountability Program-an educational program that will assist and empower our student athlete to reach their full educational potential




Develop MYAA Reading Program-a reading program that

encourages and rewards reading during the student athlete’s

participation in the football program.


Develop a MYAA Tutorial Program-a tutorial program that provides the student athlete with voluntary/mandatory educational assistance.


Weekly Eligibility Feedback Form – Each student athlete would be required to turn in a weekly eligibility feedback form signed by their teacher, parent and student to ensure the student athlete’s behavior and effort is in compliance with the MYAA standard.


MYAA Awards Program – Reward student athletes who demonstrate academic excellence.