MYAA Academic Accountability Program

The goal of the MYAA Academic Accountability Program is

 to assist and strengthen the educational experience of our student athletes by putting an emphasis on academics as

 much as athletics.

MYAA Awards

Attention: Parents please make sure that you are getting your student/player academic eligibility form completed and signed by both teacher and parent.  Please note the below PDF form to download or print.

Reading Program


Goal: To encourage our student athlete to embrace the value of reading.


                                            i.            Voluntary weekly reading during the student athletes time with MYAA                                                  

                                          ii.            The reading can be about anything they would like, does not have to be football related

                                        iii.            A MYAA Weekly Reading Log would be provided to the student athlete at the beginning of each week

                                         iv.            At the end of every week all reading logs would need to be turned in

                                           v.            MYAA would keep track of the number of books and minutes read throughout the course of the season

                                         vi.            Throughout the season, MYAA will recognize the top performers

                                       vii.            A mid-season and end of the year certificate and reward would be given to the top reading performers

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Tutorial Program


Goal: To provide voluntary and mandatory tutorial assistance to the MYAA student athlete who may need or require educational assistance.


a.      Mandatory Tutorial Assistance


                                                              i.      On a weekly basis each student athlete will be given a Weekly Eligibility Form

                                                            ii.      The form must be signed by the student athlete’s teacher and parent reflecting satisfactory effort and behavior for that week

                                                          iii.      After one verbal warning if the student athlete’s effort and behavior is not satisfactory, tutoring assistance would be mandatory

1.      The student athlete would not be able to play in that weekend’s game unless they complete a tutorial session at a designated time and location.

                                                           iv.      Throughout the season and during the awards banquet, MYAA will recognize those student athletes who participated in the program


b.      Voluntary Tutorial Assistance


                                                              i.      At a set time on a weekly basis, we will have tutors available to assist our MYAA student athlete’s with any of their educational needs

                                                            ii.      Throughout the season and during the awards banquet, MYAA will recognize those student athletes who participated in the program


c.      Recruitment of Tutors


                                                              i.      Would recruit tutors from Rich Central (Honor roll students needing community hours), Prairie State, Governor State, etc.