Matteson Youth Athletic Association (MYAA)

Isaiah Willis Crete-Monee HS
Above 3.0 GPA
Elijah Barnes Marian Catholic
Isaiah Beamon-Marian Catholic
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                                                                                            FOOTBALL CHECKLIST

1. Molded plastic cleats (No Detachable) Nike, UA, or Adidas high tops or 3/4 mids preferred. 
2. Hard plastic chin strap 
3. Colored mouthpiece (No Clear) 
4. protective cup

5. Football Gloves (Optional) 
6. Facemask shield (Clear only) Optional

7. Cold Weather Long Sleeve Compression Shirt

Field Game Locations Link (click on field picture)
Click Here for Game Locations.  Matteson Bears will play its home games at the 
Matteson Community Center @ 20642 Matteson Ave, Matteson IL 60443. 

2019 Football Training Camp TBA
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The below weight guidelines was taken 
from the Leagues Website: 

SWMFL - Matteson Bears 2019 Weigh Rules
Age as of 9/1/2019
Mighty Mites(Rookie 8 on 8) - (6 & 7 yr Olds)
75 LB Max with Striper up to 87 lbs
6 yr old-80 lbs
5 yr old-85 lbs
(Must Be at Least Entering 1 st Grade)
Widgets - (8 & 9 yr Olds)
90 LB Max with Striper up to 102 lbs
8 yr old-95 lbs
7 yr old-100 lbs
Pee Wees - (10/11 yr Olds)
115 LB Max No Stripers
11 yr Old Slide Down 100 lbs
9 yr Old 120 lbs
8 yr old 125 lbs
7 yr old 130 lbs

Lightweights - (11 & 12 yr Olds)
12 yr Old 130 lbs Max - NO STRIPERS
13 yr Old Slide Down 105 lbs
11 yr Old 135 lbs
10 yr Old 140 lbs
9 yr Old 145 lbs

Varsity - (13 & 14 yr Olds)
175 lbs Max with Striper up to 200 lbs
(Cannot be 15 yrs old Before Dec 1st)
12 yr old 180 lbs

11 yr old 185 lbs

                                             MYAA Football

Mindful of both our role and responsibility as a MYAA member, we respect each student athlete as a unique 

individual. Through an active presence in the student athlete’s life, we can help them achieve their fullest 




Football Program



1.      To provide a winning football program that will teach our student athletes the fundamentals of football.




The development of coaches through USA Football certification and on-going training


Creating uniformity at all levels within the program by developing  an offensive and defensive 



Ensure all coaches are certified in CPR/AED


Have coaches attend two clinics prior to the start of training camp


Ensure all coaches complete a background check


2.      To teach our student athletes critical life skills through the game of football which will help them 

      become modeled citizens




During the season, each student athlete will be required to do at least two hours of community 



Buddy System -Each varsity and junior varsity player would be responsible for mentoring a 

widget and pee wee player


3.      Develop MYAA Academic Accountability Program-an educational program that will assist and 

      empower our student athlete to reach their full educational potential




Develop MYAA Reading Program-a reading program that

encourages and rewards reading during the student athlete’s

participation in the football program.


Develop a MYAA Tutorial Program-a tutorial program that provides the student athlete with 

voluntary/mandatory educational assistance.


Weekly Eligibility Feedback Form – Each student athlete would be required to turn in a 

weekly eligibility feedback form signed by their teacher, parent and student to ensure the 

student athlete’s behavior and effort is in compliance with the MYAA standard.


MYAA Awards Program – Reward student athletes who demonstrate academic excellence.


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Football Prayer
                  "Day by Day....We get Better and Better!!!!!"